Apply online for Driver License and ID Card



Hello clients, we are here to help you provide solutions to any problem you face as concerned a Driver’s license of United States, U.K and other European countries, Canada and Australia. We can provide you a perfect Driver’s license without you going through any test. Our driver’s licenses come with all the qualifications of renewing it, using it to get a job, valid identification, opening of bank accounts, applying for a passport etc. to apply for one, you will have to fill in the free form available on our website for driver license. If you are willing to apply for more than 2 driver’s licenses, please contact our email support at ( for a special discount rate. If you are also applying to a different country’s ID card or Driver’s license and you’re out of US then please contact our email support ( for more instructions.

General information for DL and ID card

  1. First Name* Middle name Last name*
  2. State*
  3. City*
  4. Sex*
  5. Height (feet’ inches”) e.g 6’00”*
  6. Weight*
  7. Hair color*
  8. Eye color*
  9. Address * (The address that will appear on your driver’s license)
  10. Mailing address * (The address you’d prefer your license mailed to.)
  11. Photo of you (please see SECTION B for Driver’s license photo requirements)*
  12. Signature * (Make your signature on a white blank sheet of paper and take a clear picture of it or do a scan. Your pen ink must be flowing well. Upload your signature)
  1. Take a picture standing against any white color background.
  2. Wear contrasting clothing (if the background is white, wear dark color clothing).
  3. Keep your hair nice and neat (minimize "flyaway").
  4. Make sure the picture is chest up.
  5. No webcam pictures.
Please click here to view a good example of a good Driver’s license photo.